Beyoncé's Super Bowl Perfomance

Hey guys! Today's post is going to about "Beyoncé's Super Bowl Perfomance." My twitter timeline was going insane last night. Her performance was simply speechless, I loved it! She danced with a bunch of clones of herself projected on screens behind and below her. Her guitarist played a guitar that shot fireworks, which was pretty crazy! Let's not forget, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland were launched out of the floor, and they did "Bootylicious", "Independent Women", and Beyoncé's "Single Ladies". Bey also did "Halo", "End of Time", "Crazy in Love", and "Baby Boy". 
Outfit Details:
Beyoncé Knowles’s costume for her Super Bowl halftime performance at the Super Dome in New Orleans; The outfit, by the New York-based designer Rubin Singer, included a cropped black leather motorcycle jacket and a leather bodysuit made with strips of python and iguana, with insets of lace. Mr. Singer, who has worked with Ms. Knowles before, had a Valkyrie in mind. He also designed the costumes for Michelle Williams and 120 backup singers.