New York Fashion Week: Street Style

Hey guys! So when I was in New York City for Fashion Week, I was thinking... Why not take pictures of people wearing nice outfits? So that's what I did, that way you guys can see how people dress to go to the shows. This year I saw a lot of people wearing fur jackets, fur vest, fur everything! Also I saw a lot of women wearing baseball caps but in leather, I was just like "wait didn't I just saw you 5 mins ago?" But no, it was some other girl wearing a baseball leather cap. In the other hand, men were all over the place.  There was men wearing fur, plaid suits, leather also wearing studs. I just love how men is becoming so important in the fashion industry. So here are the some of the pictures I took during New York Fashion Week! I hope you guys like it! If you guys have any questions or suggestions please contact me! Xx