My favorite day of the week is finally here! Shoesday is one of my favorite day on Instagram following by Fashion Friday. Every Tuesday is a Shoesday, so make sure you pick your favorite shoes, take a picture of them and post it on Instagram.

I don't think I have a pair of favorite shoes for the summer right now. I'm still looking for the perfect pair of shoes that can take my breath away. But how do you find your perfect pair of shoes? Well, once you walk into the store and you see the first pair of shoes (or shoe cause the only put one on display) that takes away your breath, that's when you know you found it. Shoes are just the perfect piece of every outfit. I've met a lot of people that they first get the dress or whatever piece of clothes they are going to wear but then, they focus so much on what shoe he or she is going to wear. They probably focus more on shoes because they're trying to find something that they can wear multiple times. The pictures bellow are my favorite shoes from last fashion month, ENJOY!