Chanel Does Dubai

Hello everyone! I am seriously cannot tell you how exciting I am about the new Chanel Resort 2015 collection! I usually don't like summer clothes but Karl Lagerfeld makes everything so perfect that he makes you change your mind.  The collection was presented in Dubai for many reasons. He said "with the highest building, I thought there was reason to show the highest fashion, ha-ha-ha" which I think it was really smart of him. 

The whole collection was very chic, easy going and bohemian glamour. Karl Lagerfeld also did Middle Eastern headdresses, into Chanel's signature which I thought it was really cool! The hair style was really groovy;  puffy curls, straight hair and colored hair. I can't wait to see many celebrities rocking these beautiful pieces. I still love the fact that he kept the Chanel tweed signature in some of the pieces. He said "My job is not to do what she did, but what she could have done." and he also explained "The good thing about Chanel is it's a spirit you can adapt to many things." Everything Karl creates is just ideas that Coco Chanel could have agreed to. He always makes sure that he keeps her design signature no matter the collection. 

The pictures bellow are from one my favorite blog,  I hope you guys like it! Xx