Ghost in town

Spring 2014 is almost over and before it ends I wanted to wear something heavy and that can keep me warm, because the temperature sometimes drops like crazy during spring here in NYC.

Today I've decided to wear this black pancho from Zara which for some reason reminds me of ghosts LOL, I know. I don't know if is because is black and really baggy or is because I look like I'm wearing a fashionable blanket? Either way, this is one my favorite pieces for this spring. Today the temperature in NYC dropped a little bit so that's why I decided to wear it and also cause I look cute in it, duh! Leather pants can also keep me warm. I won't wear this pants anytime soon since is going to be really warm during the next few months. I feel like the combination of both pieces look really good together and both keep me warm and comfortable. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this spring as much as I do! Don't get crazy with shorts and stay tune! Thank you for visiting!