Alexander Wang x HM

The past week has been too crazy. With Taylor Swift breaking records, Azealia Banks coming out with a new album, Selena Gomez with a new single and Alexander Wang x HM's new collection this week has been pretty interesting. Sometimes is hard to keep it with all the new things coming out but sometimes you have to make time to keep up with the world. "Everything is happening really quick no a days so you better get your ass up and do some work." That was me right before I started typing and shooting this weekend LOL. 

I had no idea what I had in my closet to put off these new sneakers from Alexander Wang x HM. I thought I was not going to get them because I was working the day they came out but I was lucky enough to grab the last pair (which was my sizes) so I guess it was a sign. I also wanted a couple of pieces from this collection but of course everything sold out (thanks universe). 

For this shoot I wanted to wear everything black but then I was like "let me wear this shirt from Topman and make it a little bit interesting." Also I was looking for something more risky and fun so I decided to do it in the fire scape outside of my apartment (jk I just didn't want to go the streets). I swear I thought I was in one of an episodes of America's Next Top Model so dramatic and shit. But everything came out pretty cool. I took like a thousand pictures cause my face was coming out really weird since I'm scared of heights LOL. I hope you guys like it and thank you for passing by!