Halloween Madness

So this is my first year participating at a Halloween party in NYC. It was an amazing experience but lets talk about the craziness before the party. So I did not have any idea that I was going to this event until my roommate invited me the morning before the party. I had no idea what to dress up as so I went on instagram and I was looking through my feed. 

Everyone bought costumes, everyone planned everything ahead on time and I was just sitting down scrolling for an idea while the time was clicking. I saw my roommates costume (which was a bride) and we figured I can be her dead husband! I already had the suit, I just needed the makeup. So I ran downstairs to take the next train downtown and I ran into Ricky's on 86th st. The store is amazing, they literally have everything you can think of, they even have a hair salon too! So I walked in and one of the sales associates asked me what am I looking for, I showed her a picture of the body cream and she told me that they might have some of it left. While I was looking for another choices around the store I was thinking about how crazy NYC is and how lucky I am to be here. A few minutes later the sales associates tells me that she found the cream and the colors that I was looking for. GREAT! 

A few trains later, I came home and my cousin was literally making her own costume. I thought that was a crazy a idea and that she wasn't going to finish it on time. Well she did. The hardest part for me was putting on makeup and eat at the same time because everything was happening really fast and we had to be ready at a specific time! My roommate was doing her makeup, my cousin was painting her body and I was just there eating with my white ass face. So then my moment comes and my roommate starts painting my face with black makeup and I thought I was going to lose one of my eyes, my teeth was turning black cause of all the makeup in my lips. It was just a mess. At the end of it, I let my makeup dry up a little bit and when I saw myself in the mirror I was the creepiest human being on earth! The makeup was everything ( Thanks roomie!) Once we arrived at the party (extremely late) everything was perfect! I had so much fun with everyone! 

And that was my Halloween night, I hope everyone had a blast too!