Favorite pair of shoes

Everyone has a pair of their favorite shoes. Majority of my girl-friends that are into fashion they always pick a pair of high heels followed by a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are one of the most needed/wanted type of shoe in the fashion industry. They are really trendy and you can make an big statement with it depending on the color and the style. 

Ever since I moved to NYC I've seen guys wearing sneakers with suits and also sneakers with a crazy print or color followed by a different outfit color. I've seen crazy combinations that they actually look really nice together. Once I saw the Chanel Couture spring 2014 collection, Dior Couture spring 2014 and Riccardo Ticsi collection with Nike's I knew that it was time for me to switch it up and wear more sneakers. Not because of the trend but because it actually makes my outfits look a little bit better and I also feel more comfortable which is always a plus! 

If you're the type of person who don't like wearing sneakers, just try it and see how good they look with a killer outfit! Here are some inspirations for you to see: