New Years Resolutions

Every New Years we set new goals. We tell ourselves that we are going to change and that we are going to become successful and all that. New Years Resolutions is the main reason why the GYM is always packed for a few weeks, its also the reason why lots of people start acting really strange. But my question is. Do we really need to wait for January to set up new goals?

Every year we change, we grow not because of New Years Resolutions but because we go through a lot changes during the year. Some changes can be good and some changes can be bad but at the end year we ended up losing someone, living in another place or if you're lucky, you ended up being the successful person you always dreamed about. New Years Resolutions for me is all about going with the flow and let things happen, just make sure you don't do the same mistakes you did the year before (I sound like Oprah).

What is my New Years Resolutions ? I am not sure what is going to be my new goals since I have been trying to accomplish the same goals for years. I am hoping this year I get enough strength to accomplish them.

Happy New Years Guys!