Pizza is always the answer

So today I decided to go Williamsburg in Brooklyn to explore the area. I really like the new Williamsburg. It's very hipster but I like how you can find a lot of stuffs that you see on Tumblr. After looking for accessories and vintage outfits for my friend, we decided to have lunch at 'Acqua Santa' which means 'Holy Water' in English. The restaurant is so beautiful! I felt like I was in Italy. They decorated the place with lots plants. At first I thought is was a church or something LOL because of how it looks from the outside, but the inside is ridiculously beautiful.
I took some pictures for you guys to see! I also added a little bit extra! (keep scrolling)


Today I wore my favorite jeans from Topman which are pretty comfortable since they also expand. Also I decided to wear my chelsea boots from Zara and a white shirt from Joe Fresh